“As a trainer, I want to have a positive impact on the trainee’s life as he enters the business world and train him for his professional and personal future.”
Abram Pries | Production Manager | HARTING Inc.

“We are looking for trainees with mechanical aptitude, or “gearheads” so to say with a broad skill base. We need people for our backroom, but we want those people to eventually move up to our front room since they will then know exactly what they are talking about.”
Rick Manna | Senior Manager, Services & Operations | ZF Services North America, LLC

“District 214 is excited to partner with the ICATT program as it provides a fantastic opportunity for our students to continue on their career pathway in the area of manufacturing. The program brings a fantastic value and support to our students as it not only provides them with financial assistance of their education but also the guarantee of paid work experience, both of which are critical for maximization of opportunities in their future.”
Dan Weidner | Director of Career and Technical Education | High School District 214

“For us it’s just join and identify the key people that need to be involved. Every company wants to run more efficiently, so you need to find the right candidates to bring the most added value to the company. And by investing in your future employees, that’s how you are going to get there.”
Patrick Seitz | President & CEO | Felsomat USA

“We believe that training at Harper College will be very beneficial for our company and for our apprentice, because there, the apprentice will get the theoretical background and then, at Herrmann Ultrasonics, we can show the hands-on part. The employee gets a valuable education without the cost of a college tuition. Investing in this apprenticeship program will mean a lot for the future of Herrmann Ultrasonics. And we believe we will have a competitive advantage by doing that.”
Gunter Fischer | Operations Manager | Herrmann Ultrasonics

“WITTENSTEIN has always trained their own people, and to a great percentage through structured programs like ICATT. When you do that, you have excellent skilled workforce. If you train your own employees based on a standard curriculum you’ll have people with excellent skills who know your company. And when they’re done with their training, they can start right away.”
Anna-Katharina Wittenstein | Chairwoman of the Board | WITTENSTEIN holding corp.

“In general students come to a college and they are kind of on their own until they finish the program. With a company sponsoring them throughout the entire program it’s just a great partnership, because it’s a lot easier to teach a student that knows what they need to learn.”
Kurt Billsten | Manufacturing Instructor | Harper College


“The ICATT apprenticeship program is an excellent opportunity for both, the apprentice and the company! The apprentice get’s professional training and education without student debt – the company will have an excellent skilled employee after successful completion of the training. The program was long overdue and urgently needed to build up a highly skilled workforce.”
Hans Kraus | Corporate Director of Manufacturing | Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corporation

“Having the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest, Inc. and the companies working with us, supporting employer sponsored students in the program is unique outside of the automotive industry.  It helps ensure we are teaching what the field needs, not just for the company sponsored student, but for all the other students in the same classes with them.  The bar is raised for the whole class and it is a win win for everyone.”

Antigone Sharris | Engineering Technology Instructor | Triton College