Think a traditional college degree is the only path to a great career in technology?


ICATT teaches apprentices skills that companies want, giving you a highly valued knowledge set and preparing you to use it from day one at your DREAM JOB. It opens a world of OPPORTUNITY by training under the internationally recognized German Standard.

ICATT provides real-world training, an associate’s degree, and an awesome career with NO STUDENT DEBT at the start of your professional career. This program offers opportunities for apprentices who want to work in an exciting and cutting-edge field, gain training both in the class room and at companies, all while EARNING A SALARY.

In addition to this unique 3 year program, apprentices will be GUARANTEED EMPLOYMENT for 2 years upon successful completion of the training and associate’s degree. That is 5 years of professional training, development and experience to launch your career!

What are the pros?

By graduating from ICATT you receive the following benefits:

  • NO debt, college tuition is paid
  • Get paid to go to work and college
  • 2-year employment guarantee upon succesful completion of the program
  • Associate Degree
  • German DIHK certification
  • Path to continued education

How does it work?

As an apprentice you will literally learn while you earn. You are going to receive intensive year-round block-style training, alternating between 8 weeks at the company, 8 weeks in school over 3 years with more time at the company as training progresses.

Which occupations do companies offer training for?

Our ICATT companies are currently training the following occupational profiles:

Industrial Maintenance Technician
CNC Machining Professional
Freight Forwarding and Logistics Agent

Additional occupations are being developed and trained based on the participating companies’ needs.

How do I apply?

Step 1:
Learn more about ICATT participating companies and occupations here and see which companies you would like to apply to.

Step 2:
Verify here if your college placement test scores are high enough to qualify for application and to receive further information on how to take or retake a college entrance test, should you not yet qualify.

Step 3:
If you have already completed the required college entrance exam and your scores meet the ICATT requirements, click APPLY NOW and complete our application form. Alternatively, contact the participating regional community college and complete the respective college entrance test. The ACT test is applicable for all colleges.

Step 4:

Step 5:
After you completed all steps mentioned above, your application will be forwarded to the ICATT companies. Typically, companies start interviewing applicants in February and will contact you directly if they are interested in a personal interview.