• Is your business suffering from the skills gap?
  • Are you struggling to find loyal workforce that keeps your business competitive?
  • Would you like to get young people to pursue a career in manufacturing?

What’s in it for my company?

With ICATT you get the skilled workforce you need. Offering an apprenticeship with ICATT gives you the chance to create new capabilities of a high-quality workforce and ensure professional competency standards by being directly involved in the training/education process. The combination of full time on the job training and a college curriculum that is matched to your needs, will ensure that apprentices learn exactly the skills your company needs. By being with you over a time period of several years, apprentices will become familiar with your business and, ultimately, develop a sense of cooperate identity, making it a win-win for both parties. Throughout this time you will be fully supported by GACC Midwest. Once apprentices successfully complete the program they will receive a German DIHK certification and a two year employment guarantee. They will have all the skills your company needs for them to start a rewarding career in an exciting field. In addition, they are committed to working for your company for two years following their education.

As a business partner with the ICATT program you will get:

  • Training program tailored to your company’s specific needs
  • “Grow your own” highly qualified specialists
  • Access to a high quality pre-screened candidate pool
  • Greater employee loyalty
  • 5 year employee commitment
  • Saved recruiting and onboarding costs
  • Internationally recognized standard of expertise
  • Corporate image benefits
  • Continuous support from GACC Midwest

How can I find apprentices?

When it comes to finding apprentices, you decide whom to hire. The main target group for the apprenticeship program is recent high school graduates, however, there are no restrictions or age limits. If you would like to hire a high school graduate, we provide access to a large pool of candidates and you decide to interview whomever you think may be a good fit. Or, if you would rather consider incumbent workers, veterans, employees’ children, etc. to participate in the program you can do so as well. Please note that all applicants will have to pass the entrance exam at a participating regional college in order to be eligible for the Associate Degree, which is an integral part of the ICATT program. If students have previously taken the ACT, these scores may serve to replace the entrance exam at a participating regional college.

What do I need to do to join ICATT?

To join ICATT, just give us a call or send an email. We will schedule an individual meeting at your facility to answer your questions and make sure that ICATT is the right HR strategy for your company’s specific needs. Once you have decided to join ICATT, we will guide you through the registration process and assist you with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

What are my responsibilities?

All companies offer essentially the same terms, subject to benefits and policies of each company and provide: full tuition at community college | increasing hourly wages | training at your company to complement training received at the community college | job guarantee for 2 years upon successful completion of program*. Each participating company agrees to pay a contribution to cover management and administration costs (the current initial contribution is totaling $2500, with recurring annual administrative fee of $2500 per apprentice per academic year). Each company also covers the testing/certification costs for its trainees.

* Should the trainee voluntarily leave the company or be terminated by the company for just cause, reimbursement plan of tuition and stipend applies.