Low Completion Rates

Unprepared Students

Wide skills gap

These are three of the biggest challenges community colleges face nowadays, according to recently conducted studies.

Research shows that a lot of times students don’t complete their degrees and drop out somewhere along the lines. It was also found that most students are not sufficiently prepared for the high demand of their college classes and that many new grads lack the critical thinking, problem-solving and writing skills employers expect.

Especially in regards to these issues, participating in the ICATT program can bring a lot of advantages for community colleges as well.

The Benefits

GACC Midwest is out and about providing for another avenue to get businesses to agree to a high quality apprenticeship program, that offers a pipeline of appropriate candidates for participating colleges.

ICATT brings colleges and companies together in an advisory committee to discuss curricula. This demand driven approach ensures that classes offered at colleges are in line with cutting-edge industry needs. Additionally, students can fully focus on their classes while companies take care of college tuition.