The ICATT dual apprenticeship training program was established by the German American Chamber of Commerce® of the Midwest (GACC Midwest) in 2015. Headquartered in Chicago, with a branch office in Detroit, GACC Midwest’s mission is to promote the expansion of bilateral trade and investment between Germany and the United States, especially the Midwest, via the official representation of German companies, membership and consulting services.

GACC Midwest’s tailor-made training program ICATT addresses the workforce needs of companies. Their challenge of finding a skilled workforce led to the design of this unique training program, a company driven approach to workforce training.

Following the structures and standards of the German Dual Education System which is recognized worldwide, this three year program combines on-the-job training at companies and theoretical training at a college for various industrial professions by:

  1. Using industry-defined competencies and requirements as well as standardized curricula (benchmarked on the German “Training Profile” in the respective occupation) to create new capabilities of a high-quality workforce.
  2. Creating an accredited 3-year program, in which apprentices receive an Associate Degree along with the internationally recognized German DIHK certification and other certifications, followed by a subsequent 2-year employment guarantee.
  3. Offering an economically feasible pathway to education in which employers provide tuition reimbursement, school stipends, and an increasing hourly wage for the duration of the training as well as guaranteed subsequent employment.
  4. Allowing companies to “grow their own” employees and ensure their own professional competency standards by being directly involved in the education/training process.